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TAKA Group: Taste of Sarawak Since 1986
Sarawak has been known for its rich and diverse culinary landscape that spans horizons. As a proud Sarawakian brand, we cherish flavors passed down through generations, with world-renowned dishes and fruits like Sarawak Laksa, Kek Lapis, and Dabai fruit that embodies our vibrant heritage. Freshly baked from our oven to your heart every day since 1986, we’re here to bring the Taste Of Sarawak to you, in a more accessible manner through innovative delights.
Our Humble Beginnings:
The journey of TAKA Cake House begins in 1986 with our first store located at Satok in Kuching Sarawak. It all started with a van truck with Mr. and Mrs. Leong Boon Hoo. They introduced the very first legendary buttermilk bun and Kek Lapis that would inspire taste buds across Sarawak.
Taka Cake House:
Fast forward to today, celebrating 38th Anniversary, Taka Cake House has become one of the most well-known brand in Kuching – Your One Stop Cake House with everyday buns and cakes that are loved by Sarawakians.
The Milestones: Our First Centralized Kitchen
Mr. Leong Kia Chun’s first step is to build brand awareness by having roadshow at shopping mall when he took over in 2011. Since then, we had gone through 3 major transformations. First, restructuring the business and repositioning TAKA brand. In our pursuit of excellence, we established our first centralized factory at Batu Kitang in 2015.
The Transformation: Establishment of Taka Patisserie
The second and biggest breakthrough transformation was In 2017, on the 23rd of September, Taka Patisserie took a bold step with the opening of Taka Patisserie at Tabuan Tranquility. This marked a transition from traditional to rebranded TAKA PATISSERIE with a ground breaking new concept. We evolved from being just a bakery to a one-stop destination for all your needs—be it pastries, desserts, coffee, parties, events, catering, decor, or anything you require to celebrate life. Love Begins Here.
Year 2020 MCO, we had their third transformation during the pandemic which was how we transitioned into new retail system, offline and online platform, and further expand another 11 new outlets since September 2020 especially their 31st outlet – Sarawak 1st 3 Storey Bakery Café - TAKA Patisserie @ Saradise which awarded by The Malaysia Book Of Record with the title of “First Bakery Café with Event Coworking Space”.
The Culinary Craftsmanship:
Our team of chefs boasts up to 20 years of culinary expertise, and our mission is simple: to bring the taste of Sarawak to every corner of Malaysia.
We take pride in being Halal certified, ensuring that our delicious food and beverages are accessible to all.
Our Reach:
With unwavering dedication, Taka Patisserie has expanded its footprint to encompass over 35 outlets in Kuching, Bintulu, Sibu, and even Kuala Lumpur.
  • Our 1st Branch in Kuala Lumpur located at Setapak.
  • Our 2nd Branch in West Malaysia located at SS15 Subang Jaya.
TAKA Vision

• Create TAKA platform for team to grow, breakthrough, innovate and realise our dream together, to be proud as Sarawak Brand, as Malaysian Brand.

• To be ventured into Southeast Asia Market within the next five years.

• Heading towards 100 Years Anniversary Generation Sustainability Business.


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